2020 Tracs!

There are 6 bonus classes offered to the Adv/Pre-Pro Participants (you are allowed to register for 3 - space is limited). You will only be exposed to those artists listed in blue if you take their bonus class. After registering for an Adv/Pre Pro trac, you will receive an email requesting your bonus class preference.

Descriptions of Tracs

Adv/Pre Pro Tracs are designed for the highest level of tap dancer who is accustomed to the tap festival scene. Minimum age is 14

Inter/Advanced Trac is for the serious tap dancer who is well versed in technique, musicality and comes with a substantial knowledge base.

Intermediate Trac is for the tap student who has only been studying for a few years or feels the need to take it a bit slower.

RIFF RAFF Trac is for our youngest tap dancers just entering the tap festival world. Typically these students range in age for 6-9 years old

Masters Trac is for adults only (must be at least 18 to attend) and is designed for the working professional with extensive tap knowledge. This is NOT a slow paced class. We welcome educators, but please know that this will move along just like an Adv/Pre Pro class. This class will delve deeper into the rep and technique of tap and will provide thoughtful lectures also on paths within the tap world.

RIFF Trac info sheet 2020.jpg