A Brand New Day

Rhythm In Fusion Festival was my original tap festival, an idea that I came up with after years of complaining that a city the size of Dallas didn't have it's own festival.  Fast forward 5 years, and here I am with a new company, RIFF Dallas, LLC, but with the same dedication and quality of festival as in the years past.

I along with my right hand, Mary Ohman, have decided to move forward with our new company.  You will notice a new website, a new email address, but other than that, you will experience all of the things you have come to expect from an event produced by Malana Murphy.

RIFF Dallas will strive to continue to bring the best of tap dancing to the feet of Dallas.  We will bring in the tap mentors and teachers that are touching the lives of today's youth and who are leaving their impact on the art of tap dancing.  

MLK Holiday Weekend will always be our festival weekend.  We look forward to seeing you January 18-21, 2018

My latest project, The Woodshed Experience, will be in Estes Park, Co.  You can find complete info on the website:  www.woodshedexperience.com.  Our first set of mentors will be:

  • Sarah Reich
  • Lisa LaTouche
  • Derick Grant
  • Charles Renato

Please continue to follow me on this journey of exposing the tap dancers of tomorrow to every aspect possible of the history and legacy that has come before us.  And let us venture into the future of tap dance, pushing ourselves, while always honoring the traditions of the past.

Malana Murphy - Founder/Executive Producer

Mary Ohman - Operations Manager

RIFF Dallas, LLC

The Woodshed Experience